High quality front loader for all kind of tractors!

SPS ENG front loader has faster and safer operation system which will provide farmers do their work very easily.


‌Hydraulic Pipe
Experienced much enhanced durability with the hydraulic pipes directly imported from ‘Benteler’ of Germany and applied to all models.

‌Dual Mounting Device
Anyone can easily mount or dismount the loader with simple one-touch lever.

‌External Hydraulic Coupler
This can be simply connected when using the machinery that requires hydraulic action. The operator can easily mount or dismount the par.

‌Special Hydraulic Cylinder
Special hydraulic cylinders are inspected one by one and it puts out the best performance even under rough working conditions.

It maintains a certain angle to prevent the loaded object from scattering while the leveler is mounted to enable stable work.
* Not available for non-self leveling type.

‌Separation Stand
It enables stable mounting/dismounting of the loader for it can adjust the height depending on the height of the ground

‌Floating, Bucket Protection System
When the bucket down and push the lever, the floating feature is turned on itself to protect the loader. When the bucket meet obstacles, bucket connector fold automatically. It helps to protect loader and tractor.

‌Relief Valve
It automatically adjust the hydraulic pressure to prevent overloading that can occur when working with the loader and ensure safe operation
* Not available for non-self leveling type.

‌Solenoid Valve
It allows the operator to use a variety of hydraulic machinery by connecting electronic control valve and hydraulic couplings.

‌Quick Attach
Connect the bucket the loader and then release the lever, it will be tightly locked up for safe work.